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2X World Champion

6X PDGA Player of the year

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How did you get started with disc golf? I was working at the Texas Roadhouse in Sioux Falls, and some friends at work played. They invited me to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the Minnesota Majestic when it was a national tour. I got to see the top women in the world at the time and thought, well maybe I could try this. Started throwing as soon as we got back from the tournament and now here we are!

Any other hobbies? Pickleball, golf, mini golf, rummikub, working out, and tropical vacations.

Pets? I wish. I plan to have all the dogs when I’m done touring.

What sets you apart as a competitor? I believe I stand out by how hard I work and grind every single day. I start my days at 5:30, go to the gym for a couple hours, come home to eat a big breakfast (carnivor diet of course), and then spend the rest of the day out in the field or on a course training. 

When did that routine start? In 2013, during the Final 9 of the World Championships, I remember not executing shots because I was physically tired. As I reflected afterwards I realized that it was unacceptable to miss shots as an athlete at this level. That offseason, I got into the gym and focused a lot more on fitness, and I’ve been very focused on it ever since.  


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5 Favorite courses

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Driving is the strongest. Putting has been inconsistent for me and I have been putting in lots of work on it this off season.

Best tip for a new player?

If you want to get better quicker, get in a field and get some reps in. This will help with timing and learning your discs.

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