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The Ultimate Basket For Championship Rated Courses.
  • 40 Strands of Interconnected, Heavy-Duty Chain
  • Unified Chain Assembly with X-Pattern Inner Chain
  • 100% Hot-Dipped Galvanized Construction
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • PDGA Championship level Target

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Prices start at
$385 ea. / Course

$470 ea. / single

Mach X

Heavy-Duty Permanent Disc Golf Basket

The Game-Changer. The Mach X disc golf basket is the most advanced and innovative disc golf basket on the market. Designed with the input of top professionals, it has been designed to handle the aggressive and demanding play of the world’s best players.

Feel confident in the equipment you install on your course by trusting in the quality, innovation, and performance that only DGA has pioneered for over 40 years.

Designed for the Best

If you are looking to create a top-flight, championship caliber course to attract people from far and wide, the Mach X is the gold standard basket choice. Designed to perform it’s best in the most aggressive environments, the Mach X will stand up to the test.

Unified Chain Design

This basket feature is one of the most unique on the market today. All the chains come together and are connected to one single ring on the bottom of the chain area, acting as one to stop and catch the disc.

Built By Pros for Pros

Built by DGA with the input of many top-level professionals, the Mach X is designed to provide you the highest-level basket performance for your course.

Feel Confident in Your Purchase

Your DGA product will last a lifetime. With our 25 year warranty you will have the peace of mind that your purchasing decision will be the right one. The fact that you will not be replacing broken baskets as often with DGA equipment, you are also doing your part to reduce the environmental footprint you are leaving.

The Trust You Deserve with DGA

DGA has been producing high-quality, dependable disc golf equipment for over 40 years with many of our original baskets still in use today. Having this knowledge will give you the peace of mind that you have made the best decision with your DGA Mach X purchase.

The DGA Mach X basket comes with DGA’s industry pioneering 25 Year Warranty and is PDGA approved at the championship level.

Compare DGA Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

FeaturesMach 2Mach 5Mach 7Mach X
Number of Chain Strands18 24 28 40
Rows of Chain2 Rows3 Rows 3 Rows3 Rows
Metal FinishHot-Dipped
Color Powder Coating OptionsNo YesYesYes
Warranty20 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years
PDGA Tournament RatedStandardChampionshipChampionshipChampionship
More InfoMach 2 PageMach 5 PageMach 7 PageMach X Page


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