DGA Pipeline Fairway Driver Specs & Info

The DGA Pipeline fairway driver will hold any line you throw it on. Throw the Pipeline with a slight hyzer release and have the confidence in a predictable left finish. Turn the Pipeline over and watch it take a controlled right turn. Throw it straight down the pipe and watch the Pipeline truly shine. Throwers will trust the flight of the Pipeline within their first round of using it.

  • Straight lines throughout the flight
  • Dependable all around control
  • Consistent and accurate flight
  • SPEED: 8
  • GLIDE: 5
  • TURN: 0
  • FADE: 2
DGA Pipeline Fairway Driver Flight Chart and Specs
  • DIAMETER: 21.4 cm
  • RIM WIDTH: 1.8 cm
  • RIM DEPTH: 1.1 cm
  • WEIGHTS: 167 - 174 gr