The Best Basket For Perfecting Your Putting.

$175 ea.

Mach Shift

Three Practice Baskets In One

Become the Putting Champion. Take your putting prowess to the next level with this advanced and innovative basket design. The Mach Shift has 3 different chain configurations, each designed to hone your putting and focus. Become the champion of your local putting league with the skills you learned from practicing on the Mach Shift.

Feel confident in the equipment you install on your course by trusting in the quality, innovation, and performance that only DGA has pioneered for over 40 years.

Standard Shift Position
In this position, the Mach Shift is assembled with a conventional catching area with two rows of chain. This is perfect for emulating the catching zone you will find at your local course.
Advanced Shift Position
In this position, all chain is moved to the 12” diameter inner chain holder ring and the outer chain holder is removed. This narrows the catching area and allows you to tighten your focus on the chain.
Pro Shift Position
For an added challenge, the chain catching area can be reduced even further from the Advanced Position by lowering the telescoping pole. By loosening the quick release lock, the pole can easily be adjusted.
Why Buy Multiple Baskets?
With other baskets, you would have to purchase 2 or 3 baskets to give you the features that are available on one Mach Shift. Why pay extra when you get all the features you need in one Mach Shift.
Quality Construction and Innovation
DGA has been producing high-quality, dependable disc golf equipment for over 40 years and has pushing the boundaries on innovation since day one. Having this knowledge will give you the peace of mind that you have made the best decision with your DGA Mach Shift purchase.
The DGA Mach Shift practice basket comes with a 1 year warranty and is PDGA approved.