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DGA over 40 years in business

DGA - established and founded disc golf in 1976

Ed Headrick, DGA Founder, inventor of the modern day Frisbee and the founder of the sport of disc golf
Ed Headrick, DGA Founder, inventor of the modern day Frisbee and the founder of the sport of disc golf

Disc Golf Association is dedicated to welcoming new generations of young and old into our sport, our parks, and our lives, with confidence and open arms. Disc Golf is our life. Disc Golf is an amazingly simple game that makes no demands, has no limitations, and provides a mechanism that has changed many lives positively.

You will never be sorry if you install a Disc Golf course in your facility. You will be honored by the players and take great comfort in the fact that Disc Golf will change your park and perhaps you will be as fortunate as us and Disc Golf will change your life.

“Steady” Ed Headrick

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DGA over 40 years in business