Custom Hot Stamps Tournament Sponsorship

DGA Custom Stamping Details

DGA custom stamps provide disc golf clubs, retailers, camps, and companies with one of a kind personalized custom stamping on the highest quality golf discs available. Your custom stamp can be stamped on any of our four plastic blends.

Please note: There is a minimum order of 100 discs with 25 minimum per mold. After a one-time setup fee of $60.00, you will be able to get your stamped discs for just .15 cents above wholesale price! DGA is happy to support your efforts to expand and promote the sport of disc golf.


Important Art Guidelines

Custom Hot Stamp Art Guidelines
Custom Hot Stamp Art Guidelines

100% black and white (no greyscale)

Custom Hot Stamp Art Guidelines

Avoid solid fills larger than a dime


Well-Spaced non-filled fonts

Please follow these Custom Hot Stamp Art Guidelines

Personalize your discs with custom Hot Stamp Art. Your design can be as simple or detailed as you like, as long as you follow the DGA Custom Hot Stamp Art Guidelines.

  1. Designs need to be submitted as 100% black and white ( no grayscale). 300 dpi or higher.
  2. Solid shapes limited to approximately 34 points (1/2 inch).
    Designs should use outlines instead of large solid coverage areas. Stamp areas larger than 1/2 inch will not stamp consistently and peel.
  3. Line thickness should be approximately 2 points (1/32 inch).
    Lines should clearly illustrate. Hand drawn lines that are light and fade will not stamp.
  4. Lines or shapes that are too close together will fill in. Solid well-spaced text that is 12 points + will have best results.
  5. Text should have flat or rounded edges (sans-serif fonts like Geneva, Arial, Helvetica). Decorative or cursive text (or serif fonts like Georgia, Times New Roman, Times) must be bold and at least 28 points. Knocked out text should be 20 points + and bold. The bigger the better to avoid filling in.
  6. Acceptable high res file formats: jpeg, tiff, illustrator, photoshop, pdf, eps.
  7. Artwork can not contain any nudity, profanity, vulgarities, or references to anything offensive or illegal as deemed by DGA.
  8. All artwork submitted for reproduction must be original work or include written authorization from the holder(s) of reproduction rights.
    *Please call if you have any questions.