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DGA Hellfire Fairway Driver Specs & Info

The DGA Hellfire overstable fairway driver is a great utility disc, perfect for rollers and overhand shots as well handling any wind conditions. The Hellfire features a true flat top and feels great in your hand. Backhand throwers will love the Hellfire’s predictable hyzer lines and dependable fade. Sidearm throwers can trust its stability and will be able to throw accurate flex shots. Tested by power throwers, this disc maintains a consistent hyzer line and will not turn over making it a reliable choice in windy conditions.

Are you looking for an overstable fairway driver that can handle any wind conditions and has dependable fade? Look no further than the Hellfire.

  • Overstable fairway driver great in windy conditions
  • Predictable hyzer lines and dependable fade
  • Flat top that feels great in the hand

The Hellfire is a very Overstable, 10 speed driver that doesn’t know what wind is. This disc can handle any wind, any throw, and will always fade.

Caleb Bryant

Ap Disc Golfer

Caleb Bryant

This thing is amazing as a utility hookshot/huge hyzer disc. I only use it for a few holes but when it comes out it's always landing me a birdie. Perfect for sidearms and fights wind like a champ.

Matt K.

Intermediate Disc Golfer

Matt K.

Flies like a faster Champion Firebird for me. I use it exclusively for anny flex shots with my forehand, and it works like a dream. Some shots where I'd have to throw the Firebird harder than I felt comfortable to get it a certain distance, the Hellfire takes that place because I can get it a bit further than my Firebird. Excellent, very OS disc.

Lucas H.

Intermediate Disc Golfer

Lucas H.

I LOVE my Hellfire!

This thing is an absolute animal. Fast, OS as they come, and is killer for overhand shots. This is the best utility meat hook I've thrown.

For backhand, you won't get this to go very far. I for SURE am not getting 350 feet out of it like inbounds claims! It goes straight for a bit then dives hard to the ground with a big skip. Awesome disc for silly head winds, bending around trees, and slow skip shots. Nearly skip aced a hole with this disc.

Overhand it really shines. AWESOME tomahawk disc,  really dances to your tune. I don't overhand a ton, but when I do this thing is magic. I've hit some ridiculous lines getting out of trouble with this disc, and it goes FAR.

Not to's called a HELLFIRE. Who wouldn't want to bag a disc that sounds so sinister?

The name fits the disc, it's one BAMF. 


Advanced Disc Golfer

  • SPEED: 10
  • GLIDE: 1
  • TURN: 0
  • FADE: 5
DGA Hellfire Driver Flight Path
  • DIAMETER: 21.1 cm
  • RIM WIDTH: 2.2 cm
  • RIM DEPTH: 1.2 cm
  • WEIGHTS: 167 - 174 gr

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DGA over 40 years in business