Does your course need 18 Mach 7’s

Win 18 Mach 7s! DGA RePlay Course Growth Program
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As we head into Fall, you may find that it’s the perfect time to begin a conversation with your local league, school district, or parks department about updating your courses. The DGA RePlay Course Growth Program is looking to award 18 Mach 7 Championship baskets to one lucky disc golf community, which will allow them to take their existing baskets and “Upcycle” them to a new home of their own. 
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A Quick Refresher

Win 18 Mach 7s! DGA RePlay Course Growth Program
What’s the “RePlay” all about?
  • Is your course in dire need of some freshening up?
  • Are funds lacking to grow the sport in your area?
  • You could be awarded a brand new DGA Mach 7 course and donate your old baskets to someplace in need!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply
    Tell us why your course is the right choice for a DGA RePlay. All applicants will be considered, with those who have plans for educational development given priority. 
  2. Win!
    Submit your entry by December 23, 2021 and we will announce the winner during the week of January 10, 2022.
  3. RePlay
    UpCycle your existing baskets to plant new courses or refresh old ones.

My course could win 18 of these?!?

Win 18 Mach 7s! DGA RePlay Course Growth Program
The DGA Mach 7 provides the added visibility of a band without the unwanted distraction and unpleasant “clanks.” The Mach 7’s shielded Visibility Ring allows you to focus on the catching zone rather than outside of it. You get peace of mind seeing your target while focusing on what really matters–making your putt.

Let’s build something together

As the company that started disc golf, DGA has been helping to grow the sport since day one. We are excited to help you and your disc golf community grow disc golf in your area.