DGA Disc Golf Course RePlay 2021

Does your course need an upgrade?


Mach 7 disc golf baskets - Set of 9
The Best Championship Level Target Option For Visibility, Performance And Durability.

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You can be awarded a brand new DGA Mach 7 Course by donating your old baskets to plant a new course in an area in need!

As the company that started disc golf, DGA has been helping to grow the sport since day one. We are excited to help you and your disc golf community grow disc golf in your  area.

Here’s how it works:


1) Fill out our survey

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2) Get awarded a free course of new Mach 7 Baskets

Submit your entry by December 23rd, 2021 and we will announce the winner of a new course of our latest Mach 7 baskets during the week of January 10th, 2022!


3) UP-cycle your existing baskets


In the survey, tell us how you plan to plant a new course in an area in need with your existing baskets.

It's your chance to win a free course of
Mach 7 Baskets

DGA Re-Play Course Growth Program

Visibility without the distraction

The Mach 7 provides the added visibility of a band without the unwanted distraction and unpleasant “clanks”. The Mach 7's shielded Visibility Ring allows you to focus on the catching zone rather than outside of it. You get peace of mind seeing your target while focusing on what really matters. Making your putt.