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Hi! I am 42 years of age and have been throwing frisbees ever since I can remember. I started casually playing disc golf in high school. A buddy that had a car and few a discs brought us up to Dela as something to do… about a dozen years later I started to take it a little more seriously. Now I am a part time touring professional, a part time bartender, and have a couple of other gigs that enable me to live in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. I enjoy nature, travel, making things, problem solving, being present, and other things that coincide with the lifestyle that I live. Disc golf has enhanced my life so much. It has blessed me with amazing friendships, travels to new places, killer competition, and being part of something wonderful and fulfilling.

5 favorite courses

  • DeLaveaga
  • Milo McIver
  • Harmony Bends
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Blue Ribbon Pines

5 favorite Discs

  • D-line Steady
  • ProLine Aftershock
  • ProLine FLX Hurricane
  • SP Squall
  • ProLine Pipeline

strongest part of your game? what needs work?

I would say the strongest part is accuracy and my forehand could definitely use work.

best tip for a new player?

Learn to throw every shot with both hands… it’s the future!

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