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SP Line Breaker


SP Line Breaker


The DGA Breaker putt and approach disc is an overstable disc that is also great for midrange shots and will predictably “break” for the basket as desired.  The disc’s low and flat profile combined with the easy grip top will make it a natural fit in your hand and earn your trust within the first few throws. Great in wind, the Breaker will be your go-to disc for many conditions and situations. This is the perfect driving putter for off the tee shots. The Breaker in SP Line plastic will be a little more over stable at first than the ProLine version.

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Speed:  4     Glide: 3     Turn: 0     Fade: 2


The Breaker is an overstable putt and approach disc making it great all types of approach shots. The Breakers low profile and flat top give it a natural grip in your hand both forehand and backhand. The Breaker is a go-to disc perfect for all skill levels and can be used in all types of wind conditions.

  • Predictable flight path great for many conditions
  • Low profile and easy to grip
  • Flat top with clean release

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DGA SP Line plastic is one of two premium plastic blends from DGA. SP Line plastic will take a little longer to beat in than other DGA plastic blends. SP Line discs are transparent and have sparkle flakes suspended in the plastic. The SP Line plastic blend is the perfect complement to the DGA ProLine plastic blend and will outperform and outlast any other disc golf plastic on the market.

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