This past weekend the disc golf and frisbee world lost a legend, Dr. Stancil Johnson (PDGA #009).

A Disc Golf and Frisbee Hall of Famer, and 2006 recipient of the Steady Ed Memorial Trophy, Stancil was a student and educator of all things flying disc. In 1975, Stancil published “Frisbee,” the authoritative book on the sport of Frisbee at its time. Up until his passing he was still writing, working on what would be his most complete work, “Disctionary.”

Always the educator, Stancil was a beloved instructor of Disc Golf at CSU Monterey Bay, teaching a new generation his love for the sport. Stancil and “Steady” Ed Headrick were long-time friends, and historically met on a flight from the west coast to Michigan to compete in a GUTS tournament. The two men affectionately referred to each other as “Frisbeetarians.”

All of us at DGA are honored to call Dr. Johnson a close friend and mentor. You will be sorely missed Stan.

Dr. Stancil Johnson known as an artist of life and the flying disc, is a pioneer of competitive disc golf. Stan holds many overall titles. Dedicated to research, he is a renowned disc golf historian. Stancil authored Frisbee A practitioner’s manual and definitive treatise. He penned with eloquence the beauty of flying discs, “When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a Frisbee”. He was instructor of a disc golf class at California State University. He is recipient of the Jim Olsen Senior Award. Stancil Johnson will forever be known as a Hall of Fame mentor.

Dr. Stancil Johnson #9 from the PDGA Website