Today I made my way from Redmond, Oregon down to a little Southeast of Cave Junction, Oregon. And since today was primarily just a travel day, I was able to add five new courses to my course collection! Two of those courses were what locals in the Bend area refer to as “Putter Courses.” Something I haven’t really encountered much in other areas. wants to call one of those two courses a “practice area,” which is A-OK by me! But I laughed at all the cheap “aces” I got on my official scorebook records on the day. 🙂

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 9B tee at Rockridge Park DGC in Bend, Oregon.

One of those aces was at least SOMEWHAT legitimate, though it was still the shortest ace I have ever hit in my life…the 52-foot Hole 9B at Rockridge Park DGC in Bend. I hit a LOT of chains on four of the previous seventeen holes, and I was thinking how it would stink walking away from this super short eighteen-hole course without at least ONE ace! Thankfully my throw on the eighteenth hole was straight and true. Although even with an ace? I only managed to shoot an even-par 35, for an estimated round rating of around 905.

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 7 tee at Pine Nursery DGC in Bend, Oregon.

After a bit of an ego boost as a warm-up round, I headed off to the nineteen-hole Pine Nursery DGC. At 5,883 feet in length, with lots of interesting terrain, I was happy shooting a -5 (50) and an estimated round rating of 964. I left 1-2 deuces out on the course…misfires off a couple of tees. But I was pretty happy with my play overall. And it was probably the second-best course in the area I have played (after Coyotes Den).

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 3 tee at Bevel Craft Brewing Putting Course in Bend, Oregon.

After the Pine Nursery, it was on to my second putting course of the day at Bevel Craft Brewing. This practice area is located behind the brewery that is owned by Nate and Valarie (Jenkins) Doss, both former world champion disc golfers! My hope had been to meet Valarie and Nate, talk a little disc golf, then have the privilege of having them kick my behind on their putting course behind their facility! 🙂 But a few days before my visit to their property, Valarie had to break the bad news that they would not be available while I would be passing through town. I had fun quickly playing their putting course anyway…shooting a 24 over 18 holes that ranged in distance from 18 to 43 feet! But I was looking forward to saying that I got beat today by two of the best FPOs and MPOs in the history of the sport! [sigh] Oh well…maybe I can figure out a way for fellow Team DGA member Catrina Allen to kick my behind on a course one of these months.

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 4 tee at Paulina View in La Pine, Oregon.

After leaving Bend, I headed South to grab lunch and eighteen holes at Paulina View in La Pine, Oregon. I had been curious to play this course, ever since my family and I ALMOST had the opportunity to complete a few-month housesit in the community in the Winter of 2021-22. Planets just did not align…only for us to later wind up completing a two-month housesit in Hillsboro, Oregon. Which ended up being fortuitous, after I was asked to interview for my current position in Coos Bay.

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 14 tee at Paulina View in La Pine, Oregon.

La Pine was a little rough around the edges, but I still had a lot of fun playing here. I made a couple of RIDICULOUS putts that had no business going in too. Hail Marys that I just threw in the direction of the basket that happened to go in. I needed them, as although I managed to shoot a -6 (51), that was still only good enough for an estimated round rating of 916.

Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 1 tee at Riverside Park in Grants Pass, Oregon.

After finishing up in La Pine, I had time for one more course on the day. So I drove to Grants Pass to check out the nine-hole course at Riverside Park. Homeless were EVERYWHERE in that park! 🙁 Particularly Holes 5 and 6. I steered well-clear of both fairways off the tee on both holes…which ended up being the only two holes I didn’t deuce. A -7 (20) on the round was good enough for an estimated round rating of 1019. My best round of the day…and that was after purposefully missing two fairways by 60-70+ feet to avoid any disc vs. homeless issues.

Hanging a +5 on my Courses Played Collection felt awesome…as it has been a while since I could do that! I will sleep very well tonight.

Magic Number = 21 (1,979 Courses Played)

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Putting Courses - Tonn's Travels

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