We just dropped five new DGA Originals that are stamped with their very own lucky four leaf clover ( …not that you needed any extra luck with your game)!

We are releasing five molds out into the wild with this nice lucky four leaf clover stamp just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a presale event and if you’re in luck you might just be able to pick one of these limited discs we put aside before they sell out! Pre-Sale starts now and goes through 9pm Pacific Thursday 03/18. Shipping will begin shortly after.


1. ProLine Swirl Rift
The DGA Rift is your new favorite midrange. After marveling at the pleasant and inviting feel in the hand, you’ll then realize it’s amazing point and shoot capabilities after just one or two throws. The Rift is a straight-flying midrange with favorable glide that will be useful in many situations. Straight tunnel shots, slight turnover lines, and slowly fading hyzers are what the Rift was built for. You may as well just grab a few, because you will be reaching for the Rift time and time again!
2. Glow Pipeline

The DGA Pipeline fairway driver will hold any line you throw it on. Throw the Pipeline with a slight hyzer release and have the confidence in a predictable left finish. Turn the Pipeline over and watch it take a controlled right turn. Throw it straight down the pipe and watch the Pipeline truly shine. Throwers will trust the flight of the Pipeline within their first round of using it.
3. ProLine Swirl Aftershock

The DGA Aftershock midrange disc is stable to slightly overstable and will hold reliable lines for players of all skill levels. This utility midrange can be thrown on straight flight paths as well as trustworthy hyzer lines. Use the Aftershock off the tee or for pinpoint approach shots. The Aftershock is a staple midrange disc in the DGA lineup and players of any skill level should have one in their bag.
4. SP-Line Quake

The DGA Quake midrange disc will hold a consistent flight path when thrown both backhand and forehand. The Quake is a trustworthy overstable midrange that also brings confidence in all wind conditions. The Quake will keep your midrange game consistent and simple. This midrange disc features a super comfortable rim and very flat top, which ensures an easy release for all hand sizes.
5. Glow Steady

The DGA Steady putt and approach disc pays homage to the father of disc golf and DGA’s founder Ed Headrick who got his nickname from his steady hand and putting prowess. At low speeds, the Steady putter has a hyzer finish and with added speed, the putter provides a steady straight flight path. This beaded putter feels great in the hand and is available in a unique blend of DGA’s D-Line plastic which helps create the perfect grip and feel for a putter.

New SP Line Quakes and Tri-Fold Towels

If you haven’t heard we recently released the DGA Quakes in a stock run in DGA SP Plastic. These flat top consistent midranges are selling out fast and there are not too many left in stock! While you’re at it you might want to grab one while you still can.

The DGA Tri-Fold disc golf towel will keep your hands free of dirt and mud, and are durable enough to last through every season.