I’m pretty sure I’ve whined about it as a part of this blog at least once or twice in the past. But today, I FINALLY was able to “exorcise a few demons” and play a ton of disc golf in the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. Two previous attempts to disc golf in Fargo ended in disappointment due to bad weather. A third attempt to disc golf in Fargo was thwarted by a bit of miscommunication. But my FOURTH attempt to disc golf in Fargo (today)?! I was finally able to show Fargo who’s boss. 🙂

After a 4+ hour drive North, I pulled into the parking lot of Woodlawn Park in Moorhead, MN, then nervously looked around to see if any meteorite might be in the process of crashing down to Earth in the park, or if there were any pirate ships with crews who were going to kidnap me and sail me to Shanghai! 😀 Seeing none? I cautiously made my way to the Hole 1 tee and proceeded to play my eighteen-hole round. A solid 47 in the puddles and mud, for an estimated round rating of 971.

Feeling a little more confident about actually making it out of Fargo alive this weekend (ha), I made my way across the Red River and into the parking lot of Oak Grove Park. Another solid eighteen-hole round, shooting a -8 (47) for an estimated round rating of 1014! But the highlight of that round was the 209-foot Hole 11, where I managed what was only the 20th ace of my life!

FINALLY Disc Golfing in Fargo - Tonn's Travels
Witnesses to my ace on Hole 11 at Oak Grove Park in Fargo, North Dakota.

As I approached the Hole 11 tee, I saw four guys sitting on the Hole 12 tee. I asked them if they were waiting for me to play Hole 11, so I could play through. They said yes, so as I prepared to tee off on Hole 11, I told them that I was a LHBH player, and that my tee shot with my ProLine Squall would start out right at them…breaking to their left (my right) as it got close. Hopefully setting up an easy deuce. So I threw my tee shot, and it flew right at them. Only as it broke right (late), it didn’t set up an easy deuce. It caught nothing but chains! I think they were more excited than I was, yelling: “You called it!” Well, I didn’t REALLY call it, since every ace I have ever hit in my life was a tee shot I threw a little too hard (with the basket jumping in the way). But it was fun…the five of us celebrating the rare ace. And instead of the obligatory photo of me by the basket (with my Squall in the chains), making a “#1” sign with my index finger? I asked if I could take their picture…so that if anyone thought I was lying about shooting an ace in Fargo? I had four witnesses to vouch for me. 😀

A photo of me in my muddy shoes after playing at Iwen Park - North in Fargo, North Dakota.
An idea of how muddy things were, after I played Iwen Park North in Fargo, North Dakota.

Two eighteen hole courses down, including my first-ever ace in Fargo, made me think that my Fargo curse must finally be lifted…so I proceeded to knock out several more rounds at Elephant Park, Trollwood Park, Iwen Park North, Iwen Park South, Osgood Park, Fox Run Park, Stonebridge #2 Park, and Milwaukee Mini Park DGC. All-told, 106 holes of disc golf on the day, and a much, much emptier map of unplayed courses in UDisc. Though Fargo did have one final trick up its sleeve: me not noticing that there was one more thirteen-hole course to play in Moorhead, MN that I didn’t see until after it was too late for me to play it. Is that the “Curse of Fargo,” getting one final way of sticking it to me? A way to lure me back to town one more time, so something terrible can happen to me in the future?! I’m just kidding, of course! And the Fargo disc golf scene was a lot of fun! It just has been my “Bermuda Triangle of Disc Golf” in my life, for whatever reason. 🙂

View of the course map and welcome sign at Iwen Park North in Fargo, North Dakota.
View of the course map at Iwen Park North in Fargo, North Dakota.

Of all the courses I played, Iwen Park North left the biggest impression on me. 7,655 feet of challenge across eighteen holes, and a nice mix of long and short. Technical and open. I also was fortunate to have two local players offer to serve as my guide over the last fifteen holes. A lot of fun. Some of those holes took me three drives to reach the basket though! This almost fifty year old epileptic with birth defects in both shoulders and injured ribs was built for short and technical…not “bombs away!” But I certainly didn’t embarrass myself at Iwen, carding a +4 (66), and an estimated round rating of 938.

Now I’ll try and get a good night’s sleep, so I can hopefully knock-out a few more courses North and West of Fargo tomorrow!

Magic Number = 303 (1,697 Courses Played)

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FINALLY Disc Golfing in Fargo - Tonn's Travels

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