After getting caught up on a little work today, and before celebrating our youngest daughter’s 16th birthday (where has that time flown?), I decided that today would be the day to sneak in eighteen holes at Buxton Woods DGC in Buxton, Oregon. The course came highly recommended to me several years ago! But I was unable to carve out the time on my last two trips to the area to play it. But today, the third time was the charm! 🙂

Buxton Woods DGC - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 12 tee at Buxton Woods DGC in Buxton, Oregon.

The course was every bit as good as advertised. I started out shaky on the first two holes, with underwhelming tee shots and scrambles on my second and third shots for par! But after that, I settled in to get five deuces against two bogeys, for a -3 (54) and an estimated round rating of 1017. The course had a little bit of everything…even one hole with water (Hole 10, where I managed to park my tee shot for a deuce with my trusty ProLine Squall). A lot of fun and a lot of variety, with a great deal of technical precision required if you wanted any hope of getting deuce looks or pars.

Buxton Woods DGC - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 18 tee at Buxton Woods DGC in Buxton, Oregon.

There was a nice local man playing with his dog in front of me. He didn’t want to pair up on our round, as his dog was a little rambunctious around flying discs…potentially putting a few teeth marks and/or returning your discs to you if you weren’t careful. 🙂 But we saw each other in the parking lot after our rounds and he asked how I liked the course…how I did. When I told him I got a 54, he got a bit more serious look on his face and said: “That’s better than I’ve ever shot out here.” It really was a rock-solid round. Probably my best round of the trip so far. Two mistakes, along with a couple of outstanding tee shots and putts. But on a course like Buxton Woods, where making a couple dozen mistakes in your round is certainly possible? I will happily take my 54 and run.

Not quite sure which unplayed course in the area will be next on my hit list, but after seeing Buxton Woods? I am anxious to get out to L.L. Stub Stewart, Hagg Lake and others.

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Buxton Woods DGC - Tonn's Travels

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