We are thrilled to announce the transition of Trevor Harbolt, a long-standing and well-respected member of Team Discraft, to Team DGA for the 2021-2022 seasons. Trevor will be immediately placed at our top team level, ProLine Tour, which will include a Trevor Harbolt DGA Tour Series Disc.

Welcome Trevor to Team DGA!
Welcome Trevor to Team DGA !

Trevor is a very natural fit for us because of his existing knowledge of our plastic, his passionate advocacy for the sport, and his talent on the golf course (Did you know that Trevor was #1 in fewest OBs in 2020?!?).

When we asked Trevor what he was feeling about the upcoming season, he said,


That’s honestly all I can think about…how excited I am to take my game, hard work, and drive to the next level with DGA”


We’re beyond excited to #StepWithTrevor for the next two seasons. Tune into our Facebook and YouTube channels tomorrow afternoon (Dec 18th) at 2pm Pacific for a live AMA with Team DGA Member Trevor Harbolt!

Trevor relayed the news to his friends and fans on his Facebook page.

Here is the HUGE news!!!

Im thrilled to join DGA Disc Golf Pro Line Tour Team for the next 2 seasons!!!!

I cannot wait to take all of you along this journey Im about to embark on!

I have a lot to say and had a lot of emotions with this decision and truly dont feel I can express everything in one post.To Bob Julio , Mike Wagner and the entire team at Discraft Disc Golf I truly want to thank all of you for being so amazing to me over the past 5 years. The support and love you have shown has been life changing. I truly cant thank you enough. This was one of the hardest decision of my entire life because of the love I have for Discraft plastic since I was a child. You guys are and will always be family.

For my fans, friends and family… Thank you. For everything. The support, love and push from all of you helps this journey an easier one.

To DGA, Im so ready for this opportunity. I cant thank you enough for giving me the chance. Im so excited to join the family!! #TeamDGA#DGADiscGolf#MakeMoves

Trevor Harbolt on Facebook

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