I saw earlier in the week that temperatures in the Sioux City, Iowa area were supposed to reach 58 F this weekend, and that my favorite United States Snow Cover Map showed that the area had little to no snow on the ground. So with planets aligning (my daughters were going to be gone at a Speech meet all day Saturday, with my oldest then leaving for Decorah, Iowa first thing Sunday morning)? I decided I would sneak down into Western Iowa and Northern Nebraska to get a few more courses played.

Wearing My DGA Sales Hat - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 9 tee at Hillview DGC in Hinton, Iowa.

My first course on the day today was Hillview DGC in Hinton, Iowa. And what an amazing course it was! I don’t hand out high praise too frequently, but I think Hillview is now my favorite nine-hole course in Iowa. Excellent, excellent job on the course design, Kevin and Kyle Huggenberger! The course has a bit of everything. Long and short holes. Wide-open holes and tight holes in the trees. Water and elevation changes. If I lived in that area, I might never need to leave the area to enjoy disc golf! So it is probably a good thing I don’t live in the area, so I don’t call it a course collecting career…ha!

Wearing My DGA Sales Hat - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 2 tee at Horse Shoe Park in Tilden, Nebraska.

After coming down off my amazing experience at Hillview, I snuck over to Moville, Iowa to check out Moville DGC. A let-down compared to Hillview, but I think almost any course would have been. After Moville, I then spent the rest of my day in Nebraska, playing at Brink Park, Laurel Football Field DGC, and Horse Shoe Park.

Wearing My DGA Sales Hat - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 4 tee at O’Neill DGC in O’Neill, Nebraska.

I noticed early in the week that a new course popped up in O’Neill, Nebraska on my UDisc unplayed courses map. I called the number associated with the course, and spoke with a nice man named Devin. He said he has been working with the local school on the course design in an area between the school and a soccer complex. Baskets and tees were not yet in the ground, so he’s been playing it as an object course. That said, with me coming to the area this weekend, he said he would add a map (in UDisc) of the course, so that I could play it too! Really, really nice of him to do.

After Devin added the map into UDisc, and after I had a chance to play the course, I asked him if he wanted feedback on the design from a fellow course designer. He said to fire away…so I offered a few suggestions on how to make Holes 5 and 6 safer. I also asked him about his plans for buying and installing baskets and tee signage. He said those plans were still pending (no baskets or signage ordered yet), so I teased him about how I was going to put on my DGA Ambassador hat and tell him all the wonderful things he could expect from buying either Mach V, Mach VII or Mach X baskets for that course. I also told him all-about DGA’s tee sign products, and that I have an in with the redheaded designer in Southwestern Minnesota, if he wanted to create something extra-special for their course! 🙂

I hope that leads to a sale for DGA, as well as more tee sign design work for Yours Truly, but we’ll see. It felt good to be hundreds of miles away from home though, offering positive, constructive feedback on a new course design. Along with promoting DGA’s fantastic products.

Magic Number = 459 (1,541 Courses Played)

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