In January we announced that some big changes were happening with the DGA brand. Today we are happy to announce the first of these changes and reveal DGA’s new logo! We’re updating and unifying the DGA look across the board, and the new logo is our first step.

The new official DGA logo mark incorporates updated elements from previous versions of our logo; a fresh coat of paint that retains its “DGA DNA.”

Keep your eyes peeled as we roll out our DGA’s refreshed look across our products, website, and social channels over the coming weeks. (We’re especially excited to roll out some new stock stamps soon).

As the sport of disc golf continues to change, so does DGA. What won’t change is the proven quality and dedicated service DGA has been providing the game it loves and founded over 40 years ago.

Main DGA Logo


Other DGA Logo Variations


DGA Logo 2020 - Icon

Download our new logos here: