Today marks twenty years since Disc Golf’s founding father Ed Headrick passed away. With the modern-day Frisbee he invented at Wham-O, Ed was the Johnny Appleseed of disc golf. Ed founded and coined the term Disc Golf and was a pioneer for his game. Ed established DGA, the PDGA, the rules of the game, invented the first disc golf baskets, and went around the country to introduce the game to parks, cities, and anyone who would listen.

Ed would be incredibly proud of all of you who have helped spread your love for the game he envisioned. If you knew Ed Headrick, if you have ever thrown a Frisbee or played Disc Golf, please join us here at DGA to celebrate the life of Ed Headrick, the father of Disc Golf, the Modern-day Frisbee, and our friend.

Ed Headrick passed away on August 12, 2002, surrounded by his family, friends, and wife Farina at his home in Santa Cruz County. Read more about Ed Headrick here.