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Hi there, I’m Ed! I went to LSU. play guitar, record original music, and serve on the worship band at my church. My friend Charlie Morrow introduced me to disc golf and invited me to play one Saturday in April of 2019. I was hooked big time after the first round! No criminal record that I know of (but the 80s are a bit fuzzy in my memory…). I have two dogs. a Rat Terrier named Nelson (Nellie), and a Jack Russell Terrier mix named Louie. My beautiful wife Colleen and I have 5 kids and 3 grandkids. Thanks for checking out my page!

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Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Putting and approach are definitely the strongest part of my game. I really could work on better form to gain some more distance.

Best tip for a new player?

Learn to throw putters and mids before considering picking up a driver of any kind.

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The New DGA Sail - Disc Golf Driver


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DGA Rogue Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image

ProLine Rogue