Tommy Markus

Team DGA Member Tommy Markus

Player bio

  • Team Level: Ambassador
  • Division: Amateur
  • Rating: 932
  • HomeTown: Keila
  • Home Course: Hartwall Jaffa Keila Course
  • Playing Since: 2010

About Tommy

I run a disc golf center in Estonia and disc golf is my life. My aim is to teach people how to play disc golf and how to avoid injuries, so I am a disc golf coach also.
I am a “disc golf gourmet,” which means I only play with good weather and on good courses. So when I am at your place, it means that 🙂 If you would like to find out more about me visit

5 Favorite courses

  • Vista Del Camino XL
  • Fountain Hills
  • Cliff Stephens Park
  • Järva, Sweeden
  • Elva, Estonia

5 favorite discs

  • ProLine Breaker
  • Midnight Flyer Steady
  • SP Squall
  • Blowfly II
  • FF Quake

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

I am good with putters and mids, but need to work with fairway drivers.

Best tip for a new player?

Take the lessons before you start to play. Many bad habits can be avoided.

In the Bag

  • 2X Glow Steady
  • 2X D-Line Breaker
  • 2X ProLine Breaker
  • 2X SP Squall
  • 2X FF Quake
  • 1X SP Pipeline
  • 1X ProLine Hellfire
  • 1X SP Tsunami
  • 1X ESP Nuke
  • 1X Nuke OS Lite
  • 1X ESP Avenger SS
  • 1X Z Roach
  • 1X Z Zone

Tommy's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Breaker Putt and Approach Proline Disc Hero


most underrated

DGA Quake Midrange First Flight Disc Hero