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After growing up in Seattle, I moved to Santa Cruz. I had never heard of disc golf until a coworker took me to DeLaveaga where I played my first round. After hearing the sound of the chains, then getting my first par on hole 2 by making a 10′ putt with a basket on the edge of a cliff, I was hooked. I started running tournaments with an Ice Bowl, the Felton Freeze, to get my feet wet and to give back. Eventually I graduated to running the Masters Cup for 5 years. When a position opened up at work that allowed me to move back to the NW, I decided to relocate to Portland. If I was leaving DeLa, it was going to be for Milo and Pier Park. After being in Portland for a while I noticed the lack of disc golf in the city itself. I took what I learned when we partnered with the DeLa Municipal Golf Course and the City of Santa Cruz Parks Department to create the Good Neighbor Open and applied that same concept here. Once I finally found a golf course willing to give me a chance, I designed an 18 hole course on the back 9 of the Rose City Golf Course. In 2019, we started an annual winter tournament, as well as a weekly summer league. Now, starting in 2021, we will be debuting the new 18 hole course I designed on the front 9, with hopes of eventually having a large tournament here in 2022 using both courses.

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Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

My strength is running the event, rather than playing in it, and my putting always needs work.

Best tip for a new player?

Field work is the best way to improve your game.

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DGA Hurricane in SP Line Plastic


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DGA Squall Midrange SP-Line Disc Hero Image