TJ Goodwin

Team-DGA-TJ Goodwin #26305

Player bio

  • Team Level: Ambassador
  • Division: Pro
  • Rating: 943
  • HomeTown: Portland, OR
  • Home Course: Milo
  • Playing Since: 2005

About TJ

I lived in Santa Cruz for 16 years and first learned how to play disc golf at DeLa. After falling in love with disc golf I started running tournaments including my own Ice Bowl and the Masters Cup for 5 years. A position opened up at work that allowed me to move back to the NW. I didn’t want to go back to Seattle (way less 49er fans, but not enough disc golf), so I relocated to Portland. If I was leaving DeLa, it was going to be for Milo and Pier Park. After being in Portland for a while I noticed the lack of disc golf on golf courses here so I took what I learned working with the City of Santa Cruz Parks Department and the DeLa Municipal Golf Course and applied it up here. I designed an 18 hole course on the Rose City Golf Course here and started a summer league as a proof of concept for the city parks department. Now, starting in 2020, Mach VII baskets are going in the ground for the first permanent disc golf course on a golf course in Portland.

5 Favorite courses

  • Milo McIver
  • De Laveaga
  • Pier Park
  • Whistler's Bend
  • Rose City Golf Course

5 favorite discs

  • SP Hurricane
  • SP Aftershock
  • Flex Squall
  • Flex Breaker
  • D-Line Steady

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Strongest part of my game is my approach and my putting needs the most work.

Best tip for a new player?

Field work, field work, field work.

In the Bag

  • 1x Worlds Hurricane
  • 1x SP Hurricane
  • 1x ProLine Hurricane
  • 1x SP Torrent
  • 1x SP Rogue
  • 1x SP Pipeline
  • 1x SP Bonzai
  • 1x SP Hellfire
  • 1x SP Squall
  • 1x Flex Squall
  • 1x SP Aftershock
  • 1x ProLine Drift
  • 1x ProLine Quake
  • 1x Flex Breaker
  • 1x D-Line Reef
  • 1x ProLine Gold Steady
  • 2x D-Line Steady
  • and because I live in the NW...rain gear

TJ's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Aftershock Midrange-ProLine Disc Hero Image


most underrated

DGA Squall Midrange SP-Line Disc Hero Image