Kristine "KK" King

Kristy King Pro Women Disc Golfer

Player bio

  • Team Level: Base
  • Division: Pro
  • Rating: 930
  • HomeTown: Santa Cruz
  • Home Course: Lava Creek
  • Playing Since: 2003

About KK

Hey I’m KK. I am the longest running Team DGA member and most refer to me as “Team Mom.” Not only do I love to compete, but I usually run two tournaments a year. I am on the board for “Poppy Series,” a California based women’s only series and I love to try to get more women playing our incredible sport.
I am currently located in a small town outside of Chico, CA called Cohasset after being relocated after the awful campfire that burned down my town of Paradise. I have an awesome boyfriend, Brian Smith, who supports me in anything I do. We have a cat, dog, chickens and 2 goats on our property in the mountains. We have designed a 9 hole course and love having friends over to play and BBQ.
I am currently a student at CSU Chico State studying Marketing and will be graduating next year (2020).
I also enjoy playing softball and anything outdoors.

5 Favorite courses

  • My Property!
  • Lava Creek
  • Blue Ribbon Pines
  • Browns & Bows
  • DeLaveaga

5 favorite discs

  • Glow Tempest
  • ProLine Rift
  • Stone Steady
  • SP Banzai
  • ProLine Tremor

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Strongest Part of my game is my mental game and upshots. I don’t have the distance like most Pro’s which is something I would love to work on.

Best tip for a new player?

Choose your own par. Makes it easier to improve without getting frustrated.

In the Bag

  • Glow ProLine Tempest
  • ProLine Bayli-stamped Tempest
  • ProLine Hurricane
  • SP Banzai
  • SP Pipeline
  • ProLine Sail
  • Cat 5 Hurricane
  • ProLine Rift
  • SP Breaker
  • ProLine Tremor
  • Stone Steady
  • ProLine Steady
  • Steady BL
  • Towel / Water / Snacks
  • Assortment of pain meds
  • Some sort of gummy candy

KK's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Tempest Distance Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image

ProLine Tempest

most underrated

DGA Hurricane in ProLine Plastic