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Excited to be playing F40+ Ams. A new division and some new competition. I found disc golf while in college at Chico State. Once I graduated and moved to Sacramento, I found a local course and started making friends. I played on tone poles for the first 5 years (Chico, Humboldt, and Sweitzer Park) and then found baskets at Shady Oaks in Orangevale. I meet my husband Cliff Brison during the California State Championships at Shady Oaks and we have been together for 10 years. We have a toddler named Jade and a new home on 10 acres. We have finished building our private disc golf course Feather Garden. A challenging 18 hole course of hilly terrain. Hobbies other than disc golf include cleaning the property like a park ranger, burn piles, and gardening. I love quilting and have sewn over 116 quilts. I also enjoy glass fusing which is similar to stained glass. I enjoy running tournaments like The Disaster, Monarch Migration, Dragonfly Dash, and Gold Pan. Which also means the house is covered in clipboards, scorecards, and water jugs. I am also on the board of Poppy Series, an all women’s series in Northern California. We have been hosting women’s events since 2013. Disc Golf has been the best investment of my life. I have made lifelong friendships and have meet people from all over the world. As our sport continues to grow, so will I. I will continue to be an example of an Ambassador of the Sport.

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Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

The strongest part of my game to playing consistently. I like to place small sticks or rocks in my pocket for strokes that I need to make up in order to win. As I play, I like to toss out the rocks and push myself harder to get the W. Sometimes, as I gain rocks or you might call them strokes, I find that it comes down to upshot placement. I like to get my upshots inside the 10 foot circle to insure the putt. I find myself hunting par more than birdies which helps me keep my scorecard clean from bogeys.

Best tip for a new player?

Go to a local pro shop in your town and buy real disc golf discs. Not a starter kit from department store. Also, pick up a DGA starter bag for around $20. When you are there, talk with them about the local clubs and when they play a weekly or monthly. Join their club. This will be your new crew of friends. Play a tournament, even if it is an intermediate level. This will help you establish the correct rules for the game.

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