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Kent Schafer

Team-DGA-Kent Schafer #22662

Player bio

  • Team Level: Ambassador
  • Division: Amateur
  • Rating: 940
  • HomeTown: Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Home Course: Bowers Park
  • Playing Since: 1998

About kent

I’m a doctoral student studying School Psychology at University of Alabama. I got started playing thanks to deaf disc golfers pulling me into the game back in the late 90’s when all we had were DX plastics.

5 Favorite courses

  • Inverness - Birmingham, AL
  • Sandy Point - Lac du Flambeau, WI
  • Lincoln - Springfield, IL
  • Sipapu - Vadito, NM
  • Hiestand - Madison, WI

5 favorite discs

  • SP Sail
  • ProLine Squall
  • D-Line BLs
  • FF Hurricane
  • SP Tremor

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Strongest: Staying on the fairways
Weakest: My mental game

Best tip for a new player?

Grab a putter and start having some fun one throw at a time.

In the Bag

  • 1X ProLine Tempest
  • 2X FF Hurricane
  • 1X SP Hurricane
  • 2X SP Sail
  • 2X ProLine Squall
  • 1X SP Tremor
  • 1X ProLine Breaker
  • 2X D-Line BL

Kent's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Sail Driver SP-Line Disc Hero Image

SP Sail

most underrated

DGA Sail Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image

All the Sails!



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