Jessie Long

Jessie Ayres Team DGA ProLine Team

Player bio

  • Team Level: Base
  • Division: Professional
  • Rating:
  • HomeTown: Mountain House, CA
  • Home Course: Oak Grove Regional Park, Stockton, CA
  • Playing Since: 2013

About Jessie

As of April 2019 I became a new mom. But having a wonderful son hasn’t stopped my game. I’m still just as ambitious and competitive as I was before. I love going out as a family to play disc golf. I like being involved in our local tournaments and helping out as much as possible. I also run our local Putting League. I love hearing the feedback from all the players I’ve helped improve their putting over the years.

5 Favorite courses

  • Deladivega DGC, Santa Cruz CA
  • Brooktrails DGC, Willits CA
  • Bijou DGC, South Lake Tahoe CA
  • New Lake Hogan DGC, Valley Springs CA
  • Oak Grove DGC, Stockton CA

5 favorite discs

  • ProLine Hurricane
  • ProLine Rogue
  • ProLine Pipeline
  • SP Squall
  • D-Line Titanic

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

I definitely have the most confidence in my putting. So I would say that’s the strongest part of my game. I find myself constantly working on “touch.” Every throw doesn’t have to be full power. Being able to control touch on any throw will save you strokes.

Best tip for a new player?

Always have fun! If you’re having fun then you’re more likely to throw smoother and have better concentration.

In the Bag

  • 1X Hand carved wooden mini from 2015 AM Worlds
  • 2X D-Line BL Steady
  • 2X D-Line Titanic
  • 1X D-Line Breaker
  • 1X Midnight Flyer Steady
  • 1X SP Aftershock
  • 1X SP Quake
  • 1X ProLine Silver Squall
  • 2X ProLine Undertow
  • 1X SP Undertow
  • 1X ProLine Sail
  • 1X Glow Banzai
  • 1X ProLine Pipeline
  • 1X ProLine Rogue
  • 1X Glow Tempest
  • 4X ProLine Hurricane
  • 1X Sweet Purple Tie Dye Towel

Jessie's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Tempest Distance Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image


most underrated

DGA Titanic Putt and Approach D-Line Disc Hero Image