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I am 18 years old. I will be going to Cabrillo College this fall to start a new chapter in my life which is really exciting. Some of the other hobbies that I like doing rather than disc golf is soccer, basketball, and playing the guitar. The way I got started playing disc golf was that I was walking with my Mom, Dad and my little sister. We saw this man playing on hole 4 at Pinto Lake and my sister and I thought it was cool. We asked my Dad if he could buy us one, and the very next day he bought us one. I have a little mixed chihuahua named Sofy, she’s pretty cool because whenever I am putting and she is around the basket I tell her “can you please move?” and she moves.

5 Favorite courses

5 favorite discs

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

My strongest part of my game is throwing hyzers and my sidearm approach game. What does need more work is my putting, sometimes I have good days and some not so good.

Best tip for a new player?

I would say keep calm and don’t feel bad about yourself because you can practice and become better and better every time. Also if you are struggling with shot selection, practice that shot and become better about about yourself when you are in the wide open part of the course or the tight part of the course.

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DGA Banzai Driver Proline Disc Hero


most underrated

DGA Reef Putt and Approach D-Line Disc Hero.Image

D-Line reef