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Barrett Houchen Team DGA 2021

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If I’m not running, working, or studying, I’m disc golfing. That’s me in a nutshell. Currently, I’m at Wichita State University pursuing a Bachelors in Environmental Biology and will be starting grad school during the summer of 2021. Other than disc golf, I just bike/run or play Minecraft in my free time. I play disc golf as much as possible, and I can’t imagine a life without it at this point. If you want to hear my voice, go watch the Most Fun Wins series between Tyler and me on YouTube, and then stay to watch me dominate him on the scoreboard in 2021.

5 Favorite courses

5 favorite discs

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

I have a very versatile backhand and can get up there in the distance category. Putting needs the most work for me. The goal is to be listing it as my biggest strength by next year.

Best tip for a new player?

People always say throw the slowest disc you can to get to your target spot. That’s dumb. I see the reasoning, but it’s better to smoothly control a midrange out to 330 rather than pump a putter all the way down there. Disc golf is about staying smooth and relaxed.

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FAvorite disc

DGA Hellfire Driver Proline Disc Hero


most underrated

DGA Banzai Driver Proline Disc Hero