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DGA over 40 years in business

228 more miles driven today, all in Kansas.  It took twenty minutes just to scrape the ice off my car windows after breakfast, and the first two rounds I played in Miltonvale and Beloit were basically a skating rink.  Just standing on the tee pads, I would slide off standing still…so I threw from the grass next to the tee pads.

84 holes played on seven new courses.  17,000 steps, covering 7.5 miles.  And on the seven courses, I did not encounter a single other player.  Two little barking dogs who weren’t happy to see me in Bison, Kansas!  But no other people.  Calling it a night in Dodge City, Kansas before pushing into New Mexico tomorrow.

Magic Number = 734 (1,266 courses played)



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DGA over 40 years in business