I’m not one to give up very often, as I am about as stubborn and determined as they come. But as I looked at the weather forecast this morning as I left my hotel, then was driving through a downpour that had standing water on the streets I was driving on that were up to the bottom of the rims on my tires, I thought: “I’m done. I’ve been too wet, for too long.” So instead of playing the four last courses on the Northwest side of Kansas City I had planned to play today, I decided that I would drive until I got North of all the rain.

My new courses played today included:

  1. Ray Miller Park in Leavenworth, Kansas
  2. Earhart DGC in Atchison, Kansas
  3. Bartlett Park in St. Joseph, Missouri
  4. Grace Evangelical Church in St. Joseph, Missouri
  5. South Harrison Bulldogs DGC in Bethany, Missouri
  6. Princeton DGC in Princeton, Missouri
  7. Corydon Lake County Park in Corydon, Iowa
Getting North of the Rain - Tonn's Travels
Course Welcome Sign at Ray Miller Park in Leavenworth, Kansas.

I had to drive to just South of Leavenworth, Kansas before the rain had slowed to a sprinkle, and when I got to town, I thought I would stop in to check out the 18-hole course at the University of St. Mary. Though after being met by a friendly campus security officer who told me that I was on private property (in other words, she didn’t want me parked and playing there), she suggested that I check out a nine-hole course just across the road from campus at Ray Miller Park. The grass was very wet, and I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, so I limped back to the car with a -2 (28) and an estimated round rating of 896. But at least it wasn’t raining! 🙂

Getting North of the Rain - Tonn's Travels
View from one of the tees on the front nine at Earhart DGC in Atchison, Kansas.

After leaving Leavenworth, I made my way up to Atchison, Kansas to check out the one course in the community I had yet to play: Earhart DGC. There were tiny bits of sunshine poking through the clouds by the time I had made it to the Hole 1 tee, which put a smile on my face. I had almost forgotten what the sun looked like (ha)! And I really had a lot of fun on this course. Lots of variety, and a good mix of short and long holes. I managed to shoot a -6 (53) for an estimated round rating of 965. I still didn’t have much distance with my drivers off the tee! But my approach game was lights out. Thanks to the ProLine Squall, one of the very-best discs ever made (if you ask me). [/sales pitch] 🙂

Getting North of the Rain - Tonn's Travels
Course Map and Welcome Sign at Bartlett Parkway in St. Joseph, Missouri.

With the skies all but free of falling precipitation (hooray!), I happily continued on my way to Bartlett Parkway in St. Joseph, Missouri. One of two courses in St. Joe’s that I had yet to play, I was looking forward to it. And I played it well, to the tune of a -3 (53) and an estimated round rating of 965. It was the first time in quite a few rounds that I had seen anyone else on the courses I was playing too. Nice to see courses with other disc golfers on them again, instead of me being the only person with a few screws loose playing in a swamp/monsoon. 😀

Getting North of the Rain - Tonn's Travels
View from the Hole 9 tee at Princeton DGC in Princeton, Missouri.

My next stop was a short recreational course at Grace Evangelical Church, followed by additional nine-hole courses in Bethany and Princeton (Missouri), along with Corydon, Iowa. Princeton DGC had cool signage (a style/dimension I had not seen before), while Corydon Lake County Park in Corydon, Iowa has SO much potential (with more course maintenance)! But after hiding from the rain/storms most of the day, the skies were getting dark to my West as I left Corydon Lake, so I thought I would live to fight another day and call it a night in Osceola, Iowa. Seeing if I can make tomorrow the day I tackle a few of the best BIG, long courses that Southern Iowa has to offer.

Magic Number = 212 (1,788 Courses Played)

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Getting North of the Rain - Tonn's Travels

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