We are saddened to announce the discontinuation of our most recent target, the DGA-Hole. One year ago today, we revealed these holes to the world and began receiving thousands of orders. We were excited about how many customers wanted a DGA-Hole in their lives, but hurt by shipping delays and dirt tariffs. Our fans remained strong, even when bad news about what was shipped hit the fans. 


We were informed about a critical drainage challenge about three weeks ago. Specifically, large amounts of rain water have produced cracks in the bottom rim of several of our prototypes (we have test locations all over the US, Canada, and one at Rob’s house in the UK). The seepage around the cracks weakens the overall structure, and ultimately leads to a really messy BM (industry slang for a “Build Mitigation” aka replacing the original dirt). 


As always, DGA remains committed to the highest level of quality in our targets. One of the drawbacks of introducing “ground-breaking” technology is that sometimes the good ideas get buried. We appreciate your thoughts, comments, and concerns on this matter–but we’d rather not hear them. Just keep that crap to yourself. 



DGA Hole

DGA is constantly pioneering new target technology, and today we’re announcing the biggest advancement the disc golf world has ever seen. 

Introducing, The DGA-Hole

DGA Hole
DGA Hole

The DGA-Hole has been in underground development for over 17 years. It’s PDGA-approved for any level of tournament play and is leaving other target styles in the dirt.

Installation is as easy as opening the box!


DGA Hole

If your local scene is too accustomed to the sweet sound of metal to go cage-free, Up your DGA-Hole to the DGA-Hole Pro, which adds sixteen strands of chain and a premium visibility sticker.

Act now and we’ll include our premium DGA-Hole cleaning kit for free.

Praise for the DGA-Hole

DGA Hole

“If you’re not a fan of these new DGA-Holes, then maybe YOU’RE the DGA-Hole”

— Jonathan Gomez, Jomez Founder

DGA Hole

“DGA-Holes are the future of the sport. In fact, we’ve already started reworking the UDisc app to include DGA-Hole stats.”

— Matt Krueger, UDisc Co-Founder

DGA Hole

“We’re just trying to decide which DGPT event to feature the DGA-Hole Pro”

— Jeff Spring, DGPT Executive Director

DGA Hole

“The PDGA will ABSOLUTELY not approve the DGA-Hole!”

— Mike Downes, PDGA Director of Operations


DGA Hole

In case you missed it, check out our launch video