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My name is Luke Hanewall. I’ve been playing Disc Golf since my senior year of high school back in 2006. I have been fortunate to put in the time and effort and climb my way through the ranks and have been playing professionally for the last few years. In addition to the competition, I have been able to post daily disc golf content on social media for the last few years. This ranges from trick shots to putting videos or just on the course highlights. I have been able to get out to more and more big events the last few years and hope to continue that for this upcoming year. When I am not playing disc golf, I work as a middle school counselor and wrestling coach.

5 Favorite courses

5 favorite discs

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Strengths : Putting and Trickshots

Weaknesses : Forehands and Rain

Best tip for a new player?

Have Fun and Be Confident.


I make daily trickshot videos on my TikTok channel and do frequent livestreams as well. Search “DiscGolfLuke” or click the image below.

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LUKE's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Steady BL Putt and Approach D-Line Disc Hero.Image

Steady BL

most underrated

DGA Rogue Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image