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I have called Olathe, Kansas home for the last 26 years. I first threw a disc at Prairie Center Park in 2008, but didn’t get hooked. Luckily my friends invited me to play in Feb of 2016, I’ve played roughly 500 rounds since then. I enjoy cooking new recipes or CAD/ 3D printing when I am not disc golfing.

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Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

The strongest part of my game is my versatility off the tee, I have developed a strong backhand and forehand at all distance levels. At this point in my game I think I am needing to spend more time working out and rehabbing after tournament weekends to keep my throwing skills sharp.

Best tip for a new player?

I think learning how to putt well is a great way to save strokes out on the course. I’ve found that increased distance will come naturally over time, having a good putting game will save you strokes in all situations.

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DGA Rift First Flight Midrange


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DGA Rogue Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image