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I stared playing local events in MN at a very young age with friends and family. I’m now 23 years old and went to Washburn high school in Minneapolis, MN. I love skateboarding, clothes/shoes and traveling! Disc golf has been an amazing outlet to meet new friends in incredible places!

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Strongest parts of my game would include putting and accuracy. Good at scrambling and not making many mistakes off of the tee. I need to work on my distance, forehand especially, as well as putting in the wind.

Best tip for a new player?

Hang in there! Learn a few keys discs in your bag and try to stick with them. Practice makes perfect!

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FAvorite disc

DGA Quake Midrange First Flight Disc Hero

PL Quake

most underrated

DGA Banzai Driver Proline Disc Hero