Ben llena

Team-DGA-Ben Llena #55402

Player bio

  • Team Level: Arm Farm
  • Division: Professional
  • Rating: 964
  • HomeTown: Lawrenceville, GA
  • Home Course: Little Mulberry Park
  • Playing Since: 2012

About Ben

My name is Ben Llena and I am 26 years old. I attended Georgia Gwinnett College majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. One of my favorite things that I like to do off the disc golf course is play Ultimate Frisbee. I am currently the Captain and club President for my school’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Aside from my love for frisbees I have much love for my dog Rocco!

5 Favorite courses

  • WR Jackson (International Disc Golf Center
  • The Crucible (Athens , GA)
  • North Georgia Canopy Tours (Lula, GA)
  • Crows Lake (Jefferson, GA)
  • Little Mulberry Park (Dacula , GA)

5 favorite discs

  • D-line Steady
  • ProLine Aftershock
  • SP Breaker
  • SP Torrent
  • ProLine Tsunami

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

One of the strongest parts of my game would be the throwing for distance. I love being able to throw far!

A part of my game that could use the most work is my approach game.

Best tip for a new player?

The best tip I can give a new player is to learn how to throw a putter off the tee. If you can learn how to throw a putter off the tee it will help develop your drive with wider rim discs.

In the Bag

  • 3 x D-Line Steady
  • 1 x D- Line Breaker
  • 1 x SP- Line Breaker
  • 2 x Proline Aftershocks
  • 1 x SP- Line Aftershock
  • 1 x Proline Quake
  • 1 x Proline Tremor
  • 2 x SP-Line Pipeline
  • 1 x SP-Line Tsunami
  • 1 x ProLine Tsunami
  • 1 x SP-Line Sail
  • 2 x SP-Line Torrents
  • 3 x ProLine Hurricanes
  • 2 x ProLine Rouges

ben's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Aftershock Midrange-ProLine Disc Hero Image

ProLine Aftershock

most underrated

DGA Aftershock Midrange-SP-Line Disc Hero Image

Also Aftershock 🙂