Elevate Your Short Game with DGA’s Exclusive Putt & Approach Discs

At DGA, we take your short game seriously, which is why we proudly offer our exclusive line of DGA Putt & Approach discs. These discs are your trusty companions for those critical moments when precision and control are paramount:

  1. Birdie Essentials: When it’s time to secure that elusive birdie or make a strategic lay-up, DGA Putt & Approach discs have your back. They’re tailored to excel in close-range situations where accuracy is everything.

  2. “Steady” Upshots: Our Putt & Approach discs are aptly named, providing you with a “Steady” upshot game. With these discs, you can confidently navigate tight fairways, overcome obstacles, and land your disc right where you want it — in the basket.

  3. Control and Predictability: Whether you’re a seasoned world putting champion or just starting your disc golf journey, DGA Putt & Approach discs offer an incredible level of control and predictability. Their flight is designed to be consistent, allowing you to focus on your technique and execution.

Choosing DGA’s Putt & Approach discs means equipping yourself with discs that are trusted by professionals and beloved by newcomers alike. Experience the precision, control, and confidence that come with DGA Putt & Approach discs, and elevate your short game to new heights. Master the art of your putt and approach game with DGA disc golf.