The moment you've been waiting for

These two discs will give your life meaning

This limited run of premium DGA Disc Golf Comedy fundraising discs was produced in collaboration with Disc Golf “Comedy.” With standard artwork that is doodled on by one of Tyler’s alternate personalities*, there’s plenty of easter eggs to keep your brain occupied for SEVERAL seconds after receiving the discs.
These discs function to support the work of DGC as sort of a “Tour Series” fundraiser (“Tour Series” is in quotes because of course the only touring Tyler’s doing is making regular passes through his YouTube videos to see if anyone’s left any new comments). So rest easy knowing that your money is being used for a good cause**.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic circular design
  • Convenient 360-degree “eternity handle” for gripping
  • Gravity-defying for several seconds
  • Several colors (pro upgrade from the previous black and white version)
  • Cage-free (raised in chains)
  • Hilarious stamp

*Apparently the other five were busy
**It’s “cause” Tyler would prefer that HE was the one that had your money