Hawk Corrick

Hawk Corrick Team DGA

Player bio

  • Team Level: arm farm
  • Division: pro masters
  • Rating: 923
  • HomeTown: Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Home Course: A Nomad has no home course
  • Playing Since: 2002

About Hawk

Known internationally as Your Disc Golf Hero, I’m infamous for my strong bond with the PDGA. When not beating up on other MA2 rated players in shameless age protected professional divisions for gas money I’m a semi-successful online backgammon player who has defeated enough foreign players that I know how to say “expletive you” in 17 languages. I also enjoy reading crime novels and streaming crime series. Noir is my genre for entertainment, and home decor. My favorite sport to watch is baseball. When I wore a younger mans clothes I followed the Rangers, and now the Orioles. This has provided me with decades of fan despair. I began playing disc golf when I got too old to run deep in Ultimate. Curiously for someone who played Ultimate as much as I did my forehand is embarrassingly pathetic. I’ve been into fitness since I began taking karate as a 13 year old so my father would stop being embarrassed due to me getting pounded in middle school. I’m confident I can out pull-up anyone on Team DGA.

5 Favorite courses

  • Guantanamo Bay Naval Air Station Disc Golf Course
  • Vallarta Disc Golf Park
  • Dragon Hills Golf Course
  • The Garlic Farm
  • Disc Golf am Volksparkstadion

5 favorite discs

  • D-Line Steady BL
  • Stone Steady BL
  • ProLine Tremor
  • Special Blend Sail
  • SP Sail

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

My raw sex appeal and fitness. Putting from 11 paces.

Best tip for a new player?

Just get a putter(s) and play entire rounds with that/them. Once you are throwing a putter on intended lines for 200′ you can get a midrange. Distance drivers are not your friend. Also if we cross paths don’t make direct eye contact.

In the Bag

(The "Understable bag of thunder")

  • 2x Stone Steady BL
    (One I putt with, and one I hold confidently to appear like I know what I'm doing)
  • 1x D Line Steady BL
    (Throwing putter, and putting when it gets prison riot fire hose wet during the round)
  • 1x Proline Tremor
    (All midrange throws from gentle hyzer, to hyzer flip straight to turnover city)
  • 1x SP Tremor
    (I randomly decided this would be the one I roll. The Tremor is the roller disc for those of us who can't throw rollers)
  • 1x Glow Tremor
    (When I want a little more stability on the throw, or to distract my card mates with the cool rainbow Zombie hot stamp)
  • 1x Proline Sail
    (The chumps best distance friend)
  • 1x SP Sail
    (Put some hyzer on it and amaze your friends with your headwind courage)
  • 1x Special Blend Sail
    (Great grip on Special Blend molds plus you can impress your opponent with your exotic rare plastic)
  • 4x pencils
    (For tourney rounds when the TD insists we use paper like it's 2002)
  • 1x DGA towel
    (Used for drying/cleaning discs and bandaging bleeding wounds. Often during the same round which results in an enhanced immune system)
  • 1x hand dry bag/sac thing
    (Useful to bounce in your hand as you look introspectively at the line you have a 43.2% chance of actually hitting)
  • 1x Woodsboro Open mini
    (I left my Calvert Flyers mini on a course and have yet to fully recover psychologically from the loss)

hawk's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Steady BL Putt and Approach D-Line Disc Hero.Image

Steady bl

most underrated

DGA Tremor Midrange 150 Class Disc Hero Image




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