Frank Connelly

Team-DGA-Frank Connelly #97712

Player bio

  • Team Level: Arm Farm
  • Division: Amateur
  • Rating: 919
  • HomeTown: Orland Park, IL
  • Home Course: The Canyons at Dellwood Park
  • Playing Since: 2016

About Frank

I study at the University of Alabama and also am the President of the Disc Golf Club there. I got started by playing almost everyday after school with my friends at a little 9 hole course and have been hooked on it ever since.

5 Favorite courses

  • The Canyons at Dellwood Park
  • Fountain Hills
  • WR Jackson
  • Rolling Knolls
  • Vicksburg Disc Golf Course

5 favorite discs

  • SP Hurricane
  • Glow steady BL
  • Special Blend Aftershock
  • FF Hellfire
  • SP Tsunami

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

The best part of my game is my approach shots. My mental game is something I will always continue to work on.

Best tip for a new player?

Throw putters. It helps build consistent form and release, plus slower discs are easier to throw.

In the Bag

  • 2 X Stone Steady BLs
  • 1 X Glow Steady BL
  • 1 X D Reef
  • 1 X FF Proline Breaker
  • 2 X Glow FF Quake
  • 1 X Special Blend Aftershock
  • 1 X Proline Flex Squall
  • 3 X SP/Proline Pipeline
  • 2 X SP/Proline Tsunami
  • 2X FF/SP Hellfire
  • 5 X SP/SP Flex/Proline Hurricane

frank's picks

FAvorite disc

DGA Hurricane in SP Line Plastic

FF Hurricane

most underrated

DGA Reef Putt and Approach D-Line Disc Hero.Image

D Reef