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I got into disc golf during my final months of high school. A childhood friend asked if I wanted to play “frisbee golf” after school at a local park. On the 2nd hole I was having fun, but by my near ace on hole 14, I was hooked! I played all summer leading up to college at North Georgia and throughout. I was also fortunate to create a team and compete in the Collegiate Championship where I placed in the top 10 of singles in 2014. Currently I compete throughout the southeast but my work keeps me close to home in Georgia. It’s a unique experience being able to represent a company like DGA in the southeast and I enjoy every minute. And my favorite question always is, “What disc was that?!”

5 Favorite courses

5 favorite discs

Strongest part of your game? What needs work?

Ability to throw backhand and sidearm equally well. Putting with confidence is my current challenge this Summer.

Best tip for a new player?

Play smart when competing. I’ve won more tournaments from playing smart than being more skilled.

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DGA Aftershock Midrange-ProLine Disc Hero Image


most underrated

DGA Rogue Driver ProLine Disc Hero Image