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RDGA Line Squall


RDGA Line Squall


The RDGA Squall midrange disc is a revolutionary midrange disc with driver like grip and incredible speed. One of the fastest midranges on the market, you can use this disc to drive short holes, and find the basket on challenging midrange shots. The RDGA Squall is considered slightly under stable and will hold very long anhyzers, as well as any flip to flat lines.  (150 g)

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Speed:  6     Glide: 4     Turn: -1     Fade: 0



The DGA Squall midrange disc is an innovative slightly understable midrange that holds long anhyzers and any flip to flat lines. If you ever have to play a course with just one disc, this is that disc. With a great feel in the hand and close to fairway driver like speed, the Squall is one of the fastest midrange discs available. You can use the Squall to drive short holes or to find the basket on challenging midrange shots. The consistent performance of this disc will make even the most seasoned player swap their go-to midrange disc and replace it with a Squall.

  • Controllable midrange
  • Holds any line very well
  • Higher speed than most midranges

For more info on the Squall click here >>
RDGA Line weighs in at 150 grams and are extremely easy to throw. The RDGA Line uses some of the same molds found in the ProLine and SP Line.
The lighter discs weights of from RDGA plastic are ideal for people working on their form or who are new to playing disc golf.
150 Grams and lighter are the regulated weights for tournament play in Japan.

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