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DGA Re-Play: Free Course Giveaway

DGA Re-Play: Course Giveaway

Win a free course of Mach 7 Baskets!

  • Is your course in dire need of some freshening up?

  • Are you aware of an opportunity to continue the growth of our sport by planting a new course, but adequate funds are lacking?

As the company that has been helping to grow the sport of Disc Golf since day one, DGA is well aware of the problems facing disc golf communities and we are here to help. DGA is happy to announce the DGA Re-Play: Free Course Giveaway!

Here’s how it works:


1.) Fill out our survey

Tell us why your course is the right choice for a DGA Re-Play.


2.) Recycle your existing baskets

In the survey, tell us how you plan to plant a new course with your existing baskets.


3.) Win a free course of new Mach 7 Baskets

Submit your entry by September 1st, 2019 and we will announce the winner of a new course of our latest Mach 7 baskets during the week of September 9th!

DGA Re-Play: Survey Questions



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