Enhance Your Game and Master Precision and Control with DGA’s Midrange Discs – Manufactured Exclusively for DGA by Discraft 

At DGA, we’re proud to offer a lineup of midrange discs that are essential additions to your disc golf bag, especially when precision and control are paramount. Our midrange discs, exclusively manufactured by Discraft, are your go-to tools for mastering a wide range of shots:

  1. Navigate with Precision: Whether you’re threading your disc through narrow, wooded fairways or navigating tight corridors, our midrange discs provide the control you need to steer through challenging courses.
  2. Perfect S-Curve Flex Shots: Throw with confidence as you execute those coveted overstable midrange shots with anhyzer angles, resulting in graceful S-curve flex shots that navigate obstacles with finesse.
  3. Mid-Distance Ace Runs: When it’s time to go for glory and make those memorable mid-distance ace runs at the basket, our midrange discs deliver the accuracy and consistency required to land your disc where you want it.

Choosing DGA’s midranges means equipping yourself with discs designed for precision and versatility. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for reliable midrange options or a newcomer eager to enhance your skills, our midrange discs are your trusted companions on the course. Master your midrange game with DGA in your quiver.