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The DGA Aftershock midrange disc is stable to slightly overstable and will hold reliable lines for players of all skill levels. This utility midrange can be thrown on straight flight paths as well as trustworthy hyzer lines. Use the Aftershock off the tee or for pinpoint approach shots. The Aftershock is a staple midrange disc in the DGA lineup and players of any skill level should have one in their bag.

  • Incredibly reliable midrange disc
  • Predictable and trustworthy
  • Straight with consistent fade at the end of its flight

The best stable midrange I've ever thrown. Thrown straight it will stay on that line with a little fade at the end. Put a little hyzer on it and it will fade harder. As it beats in you can turn it over and it will hold the line and finish flat. Carry several and it's the only mid you need. I bag three.

Hawk Corrick

Pro Disc Golfer

Hawk Corrick

I love this disc. For me this disc is magic. I was at a shop in Georgia and was looking at a DGA flight chart and just figured I would use it as my midrange because I was having no luck using my Leopard. All my Leopard did was hit trees. From the first time I used this disc, I fell in love with it. I can get stuck in the worst spot ever and this disc will find a way to get me out of trouble. It will find the oddest, smallest lane and somehow end up near the basket. My friends usually end up yelling, “how did that happen?!?!” whenever I throw this disc. It was the first disc that I’ve ever gotten to fly dead straight which my game was desperately lacking. I was sad to see that it had no reviews so I needed to give this disc the love it deserves because it really is a great disc.


Disc Golfer

  • SPEED: 5
  • GLIDE: 4
  • TURN: 0
  • FADE: 2
DGA Aftershock Midrange Flight Chart and Specs
  • DIAMETER: 21.5 cm
  • RIM WIDTH: 1.3 cm
  • RIM DEPTH: 1.2 cm
  • WEIGHTS: 164 - 177+

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Midrange Comparison Chart

Glide 5434
Beginner FriendlyYesYesNoYes
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DGA over 40 years in business