2020 Tour Series Hurricane (Shasta Criss)


The 2020 Tour Series Hurricane is the same special blend of Swirly ProLine Flex plastic that was used for the 2019 Tour Series Hurricane created for DGA Team Member Shasta Criss.  The Hurricane is one of Shasta’s go-to drivers each time he steps up to the tee.  This run of Hurricanes will tend to have a touch more glide compared to a stock ProLine Hurricane.   The artwork for this disc was created in collaboration with Thought Space Athletics.

(Color and swirl will vary)

Speed:  12     Glide: 5     Turn: -1     Fade: 3



DGA Hurricane Distance Driver Specs & Info

The DGA Hurricane offers great glide for a distance driver and is a great high speed driver for players of all skill levels. You’ll find this disc effortless to control and unlike many other wide rim discs, the SP Line Hurricane will feel great in your hand to insure proper release. This driver is DGA Team members favorite go-to driver because it is easy to control and offers reliable fade at the end of its flight.


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